Confront Anxiety

The beginning of the year is never a better time to address that low feeling.

The busy Christmas period packed with people and joys of celebrating has now ended and can leave us feeling isolated and lonely when everyone returns to their busy lives. The weather is cold and miserable and there’s little reason or desire to venture outside or be sociable if you’re still recharging from the hosting element and celebrating with loved ones over Christmas and New Year.

At some point during the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us have suffered from anxiety, worry or stress as a result of the uncertainty, fast change, the need for adaptation leaving some of us with a sense of overwhelming feelings we can’t accept let alone control. For some of us this can be severe and affect our day-to-day lives, the anxiety consumes each thought and our behaviour changes, the pure thought of the future leaves us anxious and low.

We identify with this. Its only human to feel a touch of the January blues and anxious at this point in time.


Here at HWLincs we’ve commissioned Ed Roberts, an expert in positive activities and prevention coordinator for Menscraft, to run a two hour workshop for women on the topic of Anxiety with a nod to positivity; on how we can live with anxiety in our lives, how we can adopt and maintain a positive outlook on life to nurture a healthy mind.

Ed will deliver this through a series of techniques and ideas; providing us with a toolbox of how we can look after our minds.

In addition to the workshop, there will be the option of sending in a question a week prior to the session for him to answer during or at the end of the session.

Date for the diary

The workshop will be delivered on Tuesday 8th February 2022

Time: Start 6pm – Finish 8pm

Delivery: via Zoom

Sign up today:

Email with your name and email address expressing your interest* to secure your place

*please note this workshop is commissioned for women only

Once we receive your email we will send you a confirmation email and officially secure your place on the free workshop.

A week prior to the session we will send you an with all the relevant invite details you need to log on to the Zoom session.

Promotional video:

Watch Ed take you through what to expect:

Not able to attend the event?

If you were unable to attend the event, please find the edited footage on our HWLincs Youtube channel:

Ed Roberts, Menscraft talking all things anxiety focussed, at our free online workshop

Need additional support?

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