Suicide prevention and happier living for men in Lincolnshire.
There are many ways to talk about how you’re feeling
and live a happier life.

What to say to your GP

With reception staff being the access point to your doctor, it can
feel tough sometimes explaining that you need to speak to your
doctor about any mental health issues you might be having.

While we are keen for any taboo feelings around the subject to
be removed, we understand everyone feels differently.

Don’t let having to explain your issue stop you from asking for help.

Simply call up and when the receptionist asks you what your call
is about, say:

“I’d like to speak to my doctor about my mental health.”

There’s no need to go into further details with the receptionist –
they are busy and this is all the information they need.

When you speak to your GP, be as open and honest as you can.

They will listen and offer guidance.

If you need to speak to anyone in the meantime, explore the options
listed on this site.


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