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Lincolnshire Voluntary Engagement Team (VET)
Influencing Strategic Sector Change

The Lincolnshire Voluntary Engagement Team (VET) contracted HWLincs to prepare and write the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) Health, Care and Wellbeing Strategy for Lincolnshire.

The intention of this important new strategy was to embed the VCS as a recognised equal partner in the design, delivery and monitoring of health, care and wellbeing services in our county.

An additional and important requirement of the final strategy was that it set out how our collective VCS voice would be stronger.

In preparing this strategy, HWLincs needed to understand what is already working well, alongside what actions were needed to ensure the VCS becomes a recognised and equal partner in our healthcare systems.

HWLincs’ approach included both primary and secondary research. This included focussed interviews with our sector stakeholders, especially those already delivering healthcare services.

Additionally, we conducted strategic stakeholder interviews with key directors and managers of healthcare services within the county. Secondary research on local and national pictures of the sector were also key to the development of the strategy.

Work culminated in a published strategy, an opportunity to present the findings at the VET conference and to be integral to the development of the sector in months and years to come for Lincolnshire.

An additional and important requirement of the strategy was that our collective VCS voice be stronger. The strategy was completed and delivered on time and to contract specification requirements.

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