Welcome to the Digi-Health webpage here to help you find out how to sign up and use GP Online Services.  We would recommend that you firstly watch the animation video as this gives you a quick and easy to understand overview of GP Online Services. Once you have done this then please read through the six short factsheets which have been designed to give answers to most of your questions. We recommend your next step is to contact your GP Surgery and request your own personalised access ID codes to get started.


If you have any problems or need any more advice, please contact us at or telephone 01205 82089

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Across the county of Lincolnshire, there are over 800,000 people registered for healthcare services with their local GP practice. Of those 800,000 people, just over a third are signed up for digital services; with only 10% of the total Lincolnshire population enabled to view their own medical record with their registered practice. Our intent is to improve that.

The Digihealth concept is to provide information, advice, guidance and support to enable people of Lincolnshire to better understand the use of digital opportunities when accessing their healthcare services.

Supported and funded by the NHS Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group, and with the assistance of three local doctors, HWLincs have put together an informative webinar that provides information for Lincolnshire patients about the digital services available to them, and how they can support their surgeries to gain the most effective access.

Download the Digi-Health Guide For Professionals here

To assist the webinar content navigation, please find the following times as key chapter indicators:

  • 00:12 Welcomes from HWLincs CEO, and the three participating GPs
  • 01:26 Our GP Practice today; Multi-Disciplinary Team
  • 07:10 Total Triage – what is it?
  • 08:51 What digital services are available to me?
  • 16:53 Your questions answered;
  • 17:00 Qu: Why can’t I get through on the phone?
  • 26:34 Qu: Why am I not being seen face to face?
  • 32:50 Qu: Do practices all provide digital/online services now?
  • 36:50 Qu: Why did eConsult ask me to contact my surgery
  • 39:50 Qu: Are GPs happy and confident delivering healthcare with these new ways of working?
  • 42:14 Qu: Where and how are the photos I send to my GP stored
  • 46:01 Qu: What if I don’t have a smartphone or computer?
  • 47:35 Qu: What’s the best way to contact the practice?
  • 48:56 Qu: What can I do to help my surgery?
  • 51:13 Kieran’s Top 3 Tips
  • 51:54 Majid’s Top 3 Tips
  • 54:28 James Top 3 Tips
  • 55:03 Thanks and close from HWLincs CEO
  • 56:16 — End —

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Digi-Health Welcome to the Digi-Health webpage here to help you find out how to sign up and use GP Online Services.  We would recommend that

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