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A Better Way Men’s Suicide Prevention

Thanks to a grant from the Suicide Prevention Fund, HWLincs has been able to support and deliver suicide prevention initiatives and interventions for men living in Lincolnshire.

This targeted piece of work, commissioned by the NHS, Lincolnshire County Council and Shine, has culminated in a digital and literature-based awareness campaign along with signposting and guidance, one-to-one support sessions for individuals and workshops focussed on providing information and tools to support men in managing their mental health effectively.

The approach for this work has always been user led, ensuring the interventions and delivery methods offered were directed by the people who would most benefit from the work.

A co-production model for this programme was used with men at the centre. The ideas and inspiration for the delivery came from them.Working with other agencies, plans were shared to encourage involvement, and as an added bonus, the programme was able to support other projects and services seeking to offer mental health services to the local population.

The results are people focussed, so whether that be reaching out to thousands of people via the social media campaign, delivering digital workshops, carrying out face-to-face one-to-ones or developing a directory of services, all the focus has been on what men said they needed. The men using the service have said they appreciate the programme and services in meeting their needs.

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