We work with public, private and voluntary sector organisations who want to enhance the quality of their products and services for the benefit of the end user.

Whether that be for the local community, or the greater good, we strive to deliver activity which aligns with our values of fairness, honesty and transparency.

We can provide one or a combination of services depending on your requirements and what you’re hoping to achieve. Working together is just a conversation away.

Positive people, positive change

Our staff and volunteers are experts in stakeholder engagement and use this insight to help shape and drive new and innovative ideas and improvements.

Engagement is the process of gathering first-hand data; this might be people’s opinions or experiences, or it could be numbers, statistics, or trends.  We know how to identify key individuals or groups and build productive relationships. We spend time observing, asking questions and listening to ensure we get a thorough understanding of peoples wants, needs and motivations.

Having detailed and comprehensive data of this nature is invaluable and it’s reassuring for our clients to know that we’ve taken the time to thoroughly research the who, the what, the why and the how. However, knowing what to do with this data and how to ensure it has meaning and impact is a task in itself; that’s where insight comes in.

Insight creates ideas and drives improvement. The team at HWLincs have the skills to review the data and turn it into rich and reliable insight to help build a solid business case for change.

We can also work on the ground to deliver this change. There is nothing we enjoy more than working collectively with our clients to understand their objectives, finding a tailored solution, and working with local communities to help achieve the desired outcomes.

As a charity we champion equality and inclusivity by working with diverse communities and organisations across England. We also offer excellent value for money as well as an outstanding level of commitment and care.

Our services

Engagement to insight

We gather people’s opinions and experiences and provide you with the independent insights you need to give you assurance or make positive change.

Service evaluation and development

We independently review and evaluate the effectiveness of existing services and make evidence-based recommendations for continuous improvement.

Project delivery

Our experienced team can deliver a range of activities on behalf of public, private and voluntary sector organisations working in collaboration with the local community.

Partners and projects

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